Sunday, March 25, 2018

Pony Express

I am a huge fan of purchasing horses online, model horses that is. I am expecting Archer (Artist Resin by Trish Forsyth), Cloud Nine from private seller, and now a piebald ASB Stallion!

Can't wait to have them in hand, expect photos!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Oh goodness it's been more than a week!

I have misplaced my camera, then found it, started a post, and procrastinated until now!

This week I have been working like a mad woman; two saddles, a martingale, two pairs of boots, two girths were made, and another full set is in the works. Here in Maryland about 10" of snow fell cancelling school for three days, which definitely helps stupid day job getting in the way of tack...
Fun green/brown x-country set

Hunt-seat saddle made with my NEW ROO LEATHER
(can you tell I'm excited about my NEW ROO LEATHER!!!)

Some TEENY TINY open front boots, with yes,
functioning buckles on frustratingly tiny straps

Saturday (technically yesterday now?) I received my FIRST EVER RESIN. Excited is an understatement, I feel changed since opening the box from Deb at Resins By Randy. My new herd addition is an exquisite Leica Vino by Alexandra Kline at Kline Sculptures. I can't wait to tack her up, I have a few sets in mind, which I'm sure will come about in the next few months. A likely story I tell myself.
Brunello for scale..LV is a BIG mare

If you have been stalking my blog, you will see I have added an itemized price list, and a list of artist resins I am looking to buy or trade for. Feel free to email me ( or message me on Facebook (Zoe Hatgi) if you interested in purchasing tack, trading an artist resin, or looking to sell your resin for cold hard paypal currency.

Breyerfest is 110 days away, find me with Enterprise Props in room 203 at the Clarion! I will be bringing tack (as much as I can make!!). Feel free to comment if you have any specific requests for tack that you would be interested in purchasing :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Sorry for the cheesy title, but I have some exciting news!

As I have advertised, I will be at Breyerfest with Enterprise Props in room 203, but I just confirmed that I will be going with 5 Paws Studios's Kristian Beverly! I am so excited, it will be absolute tack mayhem and I can't wait :D

I would also like to announce on behalf of Kristian and myself that we will be doing a giveaway! At the moment we are still drafting ideas of what tack we will be making, I would personally be open to suggestions, though I know my set will most definitely be English based, and Kristian's is likely to be Western.

We will run the giveaway as a week long contest with smaller daily contests and general entries over our Instagram and possible bonus entries through Facebook. More details will come up closer to time for the giveaway.

Best of luck!

P.S. Feel free to post suggestions or questions below! I will do my best to answer them :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Good Mail Day

I received a number of items I am very excited for today!

My large order from The World of Model Horse Collecting of stirrups, two western trees, and some assorted hardware. The stirrups should last me till BreyerFest (so much sale tack going out the door!!)

Two of these, should be fun!! 

Aren't these treads so cute!!

Dragoon stirrups for a personal set of Hercules tack when time permits :)

I may have forgotten I ordered boots from a friend (Erika Isbell). I was so excited to finally see them in person!! I love these boots, and can't wait to show with them. She sent me a surprise gift of a halter with leadrope as well. I think it looks smashing on Alborozo, poor thing needs clothes. 

Alborozo looking handsome in bright colors

With all these new materials I have to make some new tack. Up right now is a trade jumping set, two girths, a hunt seat saddle with standing martingale, a cross country saddle with grab strap and hind brushing boots. 

Second wave of orders include a QuarterMaster jumping set in black with silver hardware, eggbutt bit, two H/J sets for braided Newsworthy, and a trade set of tack. Feel free to email me or message me on Facebook to get into my order books!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Whoops it's been a week!


I have been busy this week, not very busy with tack though. I did start four new saddles, two of them have billets and the seats are covered. Today's goal is to get the other two billeted and covered. Three of the four are spoken for as of right now, the fourth is a Dressage saddle.

The SECOND Alborozo came in this week, he will be up for sale or trade for resins at BreyerFest (Room 203 with Enterprise Props!).

Speaking of resins, Archer and Leica Vino are en route to my collection.
Courtesy of Kline Sculptures
Courtesy of Resin Horse Editions on Blogspot

National Model Tack Month (NaMoTaMo) is in April! I have never participated, and aim to make a western saddle this year. I make lots of english tack, and quite frankly western tack terrifies me. To ease myself into tooling, the western saddle will not be tooled, but I will be doing a minimally tooled dressage saddle. 

Photos of the completed sets will be posted as they are finished! 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Marching into March

If you are friends with me on Facebook (Zoe Hatgi) you will have seen my haul of items from Jo-Ann Fabrics and Michael's Craft Store last week.

This included a Silhouette Curio (a cutting machine made for balsa wood, leather, and other thicker materials). The machine works GREAT, except when you use it improperly and cut through the sticky mat, not that I would do such a thing *whistling*. So despite breaking my new toy in a rather minor way, I would still strongly recommend the curio, and plan to use it often.
Had to order new mats :( 
 The Musketeer's saddle is coming along, though the rigging is fighting me. As of today at 5PM the saddle has stirrups, and a sweat flap, still no billets or girth, I hope this set will be finalized later.

I've decided to go out on a limb and offer 5 custom saddle spots through Etsy, to be completed on YOUR schedule instead of mine. There are 7 trees sitting in front of me, so I'm hoping to also offer two saddles of my color choices via Etsy. I am really slacking on making tack for Etsy, I hope to change that this month.

As of right now I have one more open Horseisle order, one unstarted trade, and one unstarted commission. If you are interested in being on my commissions list (I offer a 20% discount on all items!) please let me know. These will take lower priority than the Etsy customs, but are still personalized to your liking :)

If you would like to stay in my loop of crafting craziness feel free to request the "ZH Tack Group" on Facebook: ZH Tack Group

I would also like to thank everyone who has liked my ZH Tack page! We are now 100+ strong :)

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Out of my comfort zone

I like to think I'm willing to take on challenges.

From Hercules tack
No automatic alt text available.

To pegasus tack
Image may contain: horse

To what will be my first medieval-based set

In the early working stages
Image result for musketeers horses
Hopefully it will end up looking something like this

Here's to new tack adventures, I ought to make another pot of coffee...

Pony Express

I am a huge fan of purchasing horses online, model horses that is. I am expecting Archer (Artist Resin by Trish Forsyth), Cloud Nine from pr...